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Monk Signature Guitar Picks

Monk Signature Guitar Picks

After hearing so many folks discuss how they elevated the taste of mayo and the development of artisanal peanut butter.  I looked at a guitar pick and thought I have been playing the same product since 1965. I looked at my pick jar a converted gelato container with a Sweetwater sticker on it with about 350 picks.  And thought.... Can I find a way to elevate a pick that eliminates the concern for size, picking surface and grip?  I did with this weird looking thing.  The Monk OG is designed to take advantage of your hand surface by extending the pick with a round stabilizer that is used to find a spot either under your thumb, on top of your index or inside the palm.  You will be able to 100% control the pick, unless you let go of it.  The benefit is you can apply less pick surface to the string than a small jazz pick or as much pick surface as desired.

The pick is 2mm of industrial strength nylon with a severe bevel to allow minimal string friction for my rock and metal players.  I am a jazz guy and love the incredible sonic quality of the pick and the comfort when doing string gymnastics.

You will like the Monk Pick and it will be the most used pick in your pick jar!  Give the Monk a try!


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