Guitar Players!

It is time to apply ergonomics to what we do. For decades we have been pinching a pick between our thumbs and index fingers for control and to reduce pick spin. What comes along with that is fatigue and in most cases loss of control happens, resulting in movement and resetting the pick position.

Monk Guitar Picks are designed to provide increased surface to give you gripping options. The more hand you have on the pick the better your control and comfort. Our patent pending guitar picks are made of highly durable nylon. Nylon is considered the best material for the following reasons:

Warm Tone: Nylon picks generally produce a warmer and smoother tone compared to harder materials like plastic or metal.

Versatility: Nylon picks are versatile and work well for various playing styles.

Gentle on Strings: The softer nature of nylon can be gentler on guitar strings compared to harder materials.

Grip and Feel: Some players appreciate the grip and feel of nylon picks.

Less Pick Noise: Nylon picks tend to produce less pick noise or "clicking" sounds compared to harder picks, making them suitable for recording situations where minimizing extraneous noise is crucial.

Use your mouse to zoom out for detail and to rotate 3D model of patent pending design.



  • Shaking Things Up

    “The Monk Pick is a game changer” - John R. Guitar Tex

  • Next Level Design

    "A genius design in the pick industry” - Mark H. Guitar Tex

  • Skretas Family Cymbals

    "As a cymbal smith recognizing quaility is paramount and the Monk guitar pick exceeds quality standards" -

    Manny S. Skretas Family Cymbals

  • Speed and Accuracy

    “Monk Pick gives comfort to the picking hand allowing for speed and accuracy” - Luis G. Jazz Guitarist

  • I am Picky about my Picks

    But this Monk Pick is an entirely new look and feel. It is functional with the stabilizer that grabs more surface of the hand. Love it!

    David C. Guitarist New York City

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